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California Opioids Litigation 05/21/2014 Governmental Representation Active
Cane Run Power Plant 12/16/2013 Environmental Litigation Active
Canopy Growth Corporation (NYSE: CGC) 06/14/2019 Investor Fraud Active
Capital One Data Breach 08/29/2019 Consumer Rights, Data Breach/Identity Theft and Privacy Active
Car Insurance Total Loss Claims - Consumer Rights Investigation
Cargill 11/06/2017 CFTC Whistleblower, Whistleblower Settled
Carrier IQ Cell Phone Privacy Litigation 12/09/2011 Consumer Rights Settled
Cat Food - Slave Labor 08/27/2015 Civil & Human Rights Litigation, Consumer Rights Active
CBL & Associates 03/16/2016 Consumer Rights Active
Celebrex Antitrust 07/01/2014 Antitrust Litigation, Pharmaceutical Fraud Closed
Celebrex/Bextra Fraud 04/07/2005 Pharmaceutical Fraud Settled
Center for Diagnostic Imaging 10/14/2011 False Claims Act, Health Care Fraud, Whistleblower Settled
Chase Forced Placed Flood Insurance 05/01/2012 Consumer Rights Settled
Chevy Cruze Diesel Emissions 07/07/2016 Automotive Litigation, Consumer Rights, Emissions Litigation, Environmental Litigation Active
Chevy Silverado Duramax Diesel 2500HD & 3500HD Emissions 05/25/2017 Automotive Litigation, Consumer Rights, Emissions Litigation, Environmental Litigation Active
Chicago Lead Pipe Water Contamination 02/18/2016 Civil & Human Rights Litigation, Environmental Litigation Active
China Media Express Holdings, Inc. (OTC: CCME) 04/05/2011 Investor Fraud Active
03/13/2007 Anti-Terrorism, Civil & Human Rights Litigation Settled
Climate Change New York City 01/09/2018 Environmental Litigation, Governmental Representation Active
Climate Change San Francisco & Oakland 09/19/2017 Environmental Litigation, Governmental Representation Active
CNA Long-Term Care Insurance Premium Increases 05/09/2018 Consumer Rights Active
Cornerstone 11/04/2011 Investor Fraud Settled
Corvette Z06 Overheating 06/13/2017 Automotive Litigation, Consumer Rights Active
CVS Generic Drug Charges 02/01/2016 Pharmaceutical Fraud Active
Cynosure Inc. SculpSure 06/16/2017 Consumer Rights Active