Sexual Abuse & Harassment

Hagens Berman's attorneys recently achieved a nationwide sexual harassment settlement on behalf of 16,000 women and also tried the first ever sexual harassment case in Washington state, and has represented women violated by Harvey Weinstein, as well as USC alumnae abused by the university's former gynecologist, Dr. George Tyndall. Our firm is committed to protecting and empowering individuals.

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At Hagens Berman, we believe no one is above the law, and that no position of power should shield someone from being held accountable.

Right now, we are witnessing the silencing, belittling and abuse that women everywhere in this nation are subjected to. They are subjected to a system that does not respect them. Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s continued nomination to the Supreme Court, and the backlash against the brave survivors who have stepped forward to report sexual assault, are both unacceptable.

We believe survivors. Our firm’s sexual harassment attorneys have protected their rights for decades throughout their legal careers, and we are dedicated to upholding the rights of the most vulnerable. Women should be heard, respected and protected from systemic abuse.

Sexual harassment is present and pervasive in many workplaces, industries and professional environments, and has damaged the lives and careers of countless individuals. It affects hundreds of thousands of women and men in the U.S., 51 percent of which are harassed by an authority figure, making it harder to come forward for fear of retaliation.

All too often, acts of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct are protected by systemic cover-ups by companies and organized agreements between those in power. Particular industries are more susceptible to these cover-ups including: entertainment, commercial real estate, law enforcement, politics, military, tech, sports media, finance, restaurants and hospitality, advertising and trucking. But sexual harassment is pervasive in many other environments and is often obscured from view for years.

In these industries, victims are routinely subjected to widespread policies and practices that create an environment promoting quid pro quo arrangements in which victims feel pressured to take part in sexual acts and feel powerless against unwanted advancements. Victims are also often punished for not taking part.

The firm has represented women violated by Harvey Weinstein, as well as USC alumnae abused by the university's former gynecologist, Dr. George Tyndall.

Hagens Berman has the knowledge, experience and resources to take a stand for you.

Sexual Abuse & Harassment Cases and Investigations:

Workplace Sexual Harassment - Sexual Abuse & Harassment Investigation
Harvey Weinstein Sexual Harassment 11/15/17 Employment Litigation, Sexual Abuse & Harassment Active
Sexual Harassment - Entertainment - Sexual Abuse & Harassment Investigation
USC, Dr. Tyndall Sexual Harassment 05/21/18 Sexual Abuse & Harassment Active
Ohio State Wrestling Team Doctor Sexual Abuse - Sexual Abuse & Harassment Investigation
King County Child Sex Abuse 06/21/17 Sexual Abuse & Harassment Active
南加州大學,Dr. Tyndall (廷德爾 醫師) 性騷擾 05/21/18 Sexual Abuse & Harassment Active

Sexual Abuse & Harassment Resource Library:


Why Select Hagens Berman?

Selecting a sexual harassment litigation attorney will have a significant impact on the outcome of your case.
When searching for an attorney to represent you in a case related to sexual harassment,
you want a firm with deep knowledge and a record of success.

Stellar Reputation

Stellar Reputation

Hagens Berman fights with the creativity and tenacity to continue to raise the bar and take on every case with the goal of achieving the best outcome for the largest group of individuals.

Real Results

Real Results

We achieve results, and our track record proves it. While many individual plaintiff cases result in large legal fees and no meaningful result for the client, Hagens Berman finds ways to return real value.

No Cost to You Unless We Win

No Cost to You Unless We Win

We operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning victims we represent pay nothing unless we win. Attorney fees are paid based on industry percentage of overall settlement terms, allowing plaintiffs to reap the rewards.



At the basis of all that motivates Hagens Berman is our mission for reform. It’s through our work that we continue to uphold and fight for the rights of those most vulnerable.

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Order Appointing Hagens Berman as Interim Class Counsel in Maplevale Farms, Inc. v. Koch Foods, Inc. et al

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— The Law Business Insider

"…consistently demonstrated extraordinary skill and effort."

— U.S. District Judge James Selna, Central District of California

In re Toyota Motor Corp. Unintended Acceleration Marketing

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Hagens Berman is a national law firm that helps victims of various kinds of fraud, negligence, abuse and sexual harassment pursue their legal rights. We take on large entities and corporations on behalf of those most vulnerable to wrongdoing, and hold them accountable.
Our attorneys are champions of the rights of the underdog, and the size or clout of those we pursue is never a deterrent to our pursuit for justice. Over the years, we have built the resources we need to thoroughly investigate these cases, and achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. Our work is consistently recognized for industry excellence.

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