Attorney Steve W. BermanSteve W. Berman, Managing Partner

Steve Berman was appointed co-lead counsel in the massive MDL alleging that Toyota vehicles contained a defect causing sudden, unintended acceleration – In re: Toyota Motor Corp. Unintended Acceleration MDL. Berman was selected by Judge Selna without having applied for the leadership position for his expertise in complex, sprawling class-action litigation. The case culminated in the largest automotive settlement in history at that time – $1.6 billion, that Judge Selna called, “extraordinary because every single dollar in the cash fund will go to claimants.”

Berman was named to a leadership position in the class-action lawsuit brought against VW for its use of emissions on behalf of tens of thousands of owners, and is also co-lead counsel in the high-profile ignition-switch litigation against GM, representing vehicle owners who have suffered tremendous loss of vehicle value. Steve led the firm's aggressive fight against Hyundai and Kia on behalf of defrauded consumers who alleged the automakers had misrepresented fuel economies in vehicles, securing a groundbreaking $255 million settlement believed to be the third-largest automotive settlement in history. Judge Jose L. Linares also appointed the firm as interim class counsel in the case against Mercedes concerning emissions of its BlueTEC diesel vehicles. more »

Attorney Robert B. CareyRobert B. Carey, Partner & Executive Committee Member

Rob Carey is a member of Hagens Berman's executive committee and leads the firm's Phoenix office. His practice focuses on many areas of complex litigation, including emissions litigation, and he routinely handles jury trials for high-value cases. Mr. Carey helped originate the Toyota Sudden Unintended Acceleration case, filing the initial Hagens Berman complaints for a case that eventually settled for $1.6 billion, for which he was selected as a Finalist for Public Justice’s 2014 Trial Lawyer of the Year.

His noteworthy cases include his leading of Hagens Berman’s efforts on the $400 million settlement with Hyundai and Kia corporations over misrepresentations about MPG ratings as well as numerous jury verdicts in trials, including complex matters, phasing of threshold issues, liability and damages, trials with more than $75 million at stake and recoveries of treble and punitive damages. Rob was also involved in Hyundai Occupant Classification System / Airbag Litigation, Hyundai Horsepower Litigation and Hyundai Subframe Defect Litigation. more »

Attorney Sean R. MattSean R. Matt, Partner

Sean Matt leads the firm's innovation in organizing and prosecuting individual class cases across many states involving the same defendants and similar factual and legal issues, an approach that continues to be a key factor in the firm's success. His practice focuses on multi-state and nationwide class actions and complex commercial litigation encompassing securities and finance, consumer, antitrust, insurance and products. He has been a driving force in the firm's case against Mercedes concerning emissions of its BlueTEC diesel vehicles.

Mr. Matt has diverse experience in most of the firm’s practice areas, involving appearances in state and federal courts across the country at both the trial and appellate levels and in 2014, Public Justice nominated Mr. Matt and the In re Toyota Motor Corp. Sudden, Unintended Acceleration team for their work in securing a $1.6 billion settlement of car owners. more »

Attorney Elaine T. ByszewskiElaine T. Byszewski, Partner

Ms. Byszewski has litigated a number of complex class actions on behalf of consumers, employees and whistleblowers resulting in multimillion dollar settlements, including cases against Toyota, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Costco, Apple and KB Homes. She was a member of team that settled Toyota Unintended Acceleration Litigation for $1.6 billion and was a finalist for Public Justice’s Trial Lawyer of the Year award.

Her notable cases also include Ford Spark Plugs, as well as multiple cases against Hyundai for a dangerous safety defect in the side air bag system of its Tiburon model vehicles, as well as class-action lawsuit against Hyundai Motor America and Kia Motor Company after regulators announced the companies overstated the fuel economy for many vehicles they sold in the United States, culminating in a settlement worth more than $255 million. more »

Attorney Rachel E. FitzpatrickRachel E. Fitzpatrick, Partner

Ms. Fitzpatrick is a partner at Hagens Berman's Arizona office where her practice primarily focuses on consumer rights, complex civil litigation and mass tort cases, including the firm's pending General Motors Ignition Switch Litigation involving recalls responsible for more than 100 deaths, consumer damages and loss of vehicle value. more »

Catherine GannonCatherine Y.N. Gannon, Partner

Ms. Gannon's practice focuses on nationwide consumer protection cases involving large corporations. She has extensive experience working with expert witnesses, often in economic and other highly technical areas. She is currently working on the MyFord Touch class-action case In re MyFord Touch Consumer Litigation. more »

Attorney Jerrod C. PattersonJerrod C. Patterson, Partner

Mr. Patterson brings to the firm extensive trial experience and a history of prosecuting complex fraud cases and assists the firm in its automotive and emissions cases, including national cases alleging that Fiat Chrysler has cheated emissions testing in its Dodge RAM vehicles. more »

Attorney Christopher R. PitounChristopher R. Pitoun, Partner

Christopher R. Pitoun is a partner in Hagens Berman’s Los Angeles office focusing on class actions, consumer protection and mass torts. He is currently working on the Fiat Chrysler (Jeep) Gear Shifter Rollaway Defect litigation involving the defect responsible for the death of famed actor Anton Yelchin and affecting more than 800,000 vehicles nationwide. more »

Attorney Jessica ThompsonJessica Thompson, Partner

Jessica Thompson is a partner at Hagens Berman where she contributes to the firm's automotive class-action cases, including Mercedes BlueTec Emissions and General Motors Ignition Switch litigationmore »

Attorney Shelby R. SmithShelby R. Smith, Of Counsel

Shelby R. Smith is of Counsel at Hagens Berman's Seattle office where she prosecutes personal injury cases and class-action cases on behalf of consumers. She is currently working on the following automotive class-action cases: Volkswagen Emissions, Mercedes BlueTec Emissions and General Motors Ignition Switch litigationmore »