UCLA/Heaps Victims - Anonymity & Protection


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What you need to know about your Anonymity and Protection in the investigation against UCLA and Dr. James Mason Heaps

Above all else, your safety is our firm's top concern, and we respect any choice you wish to make in how publicly (or not) you choose to come forward. Know that our legal team will go to the extent of our power to protect you from any publicizing of your information that you do not wish to share publicly.

Hagens Berman's team of attorneys is full of women with a breadth of experience speaking with – and fighting for – survivors of abuse, violence and traumatic experiences, and our top priority is to empower and protect anyone seeking our guidance in holding UCLA and Dr. James Mason Heaps accountable.

Your protection is HAGENS BERMAN's top priority.

If you wish to remain anonymous in your potential case, Hagens Berman will request that the Court permit you to proceed anonymously as a Jane Doe. Remaining anonymous in filing your case will allow you to avoid the spotlight.

Our attorneys have experience in protecting plaintiffs who wish to remain anonymous, both as whistleblowers and as survivors of sexual misconduct.

If you choose to come forward about your experience with UCLA’s Dr. Heaps, you may choose to file your cases as an anonymous Jane Doe. We protect your identity from public knowledge and ensure that no one is aware of your identity in this case.

Our legal team understands and respects the need for personal privacy when dealing with sensitive matters. Your protection is our top concern.